Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nanjing orphanage and school

Today we visited Esther's orphanage; the place she called home the past two years.  It is a small orphanage.  There's approximately 100 children who live there. Esther was the oldest. Most were under 5.  Greg, Brady and I absolutely enjoyed loving on the kids and as always, there was one little boy we just wanted to bring home. He cried when we left the room. I had to run back and give him a piece of candy and just one more hug.  Oh, how I pray each of you could just see these children personally.  It just does something inside that I can't explain.  I fervently pray each of them discovers the love of a family.... That their forever family would hear the call soon and come.

 Walking in for the last time.  

Esther's favorite Ayi (nanny).  They really love each other.  I'm grateful this lady loved our girl and took great care of her these past two years.  

This is Cocoa... She is the one who allowed us to skype with Esther and translated when we "met" Esther through Skype.  Cocoa is in charge of all the files of the children at the orphanage.  
leaving the orphanage... We praise God for this child and can't wait to get her to her forever home with us. 

We visited Esther's school.   The kids all ran to hug her and the teachers were very gracious to let them all hang out with Esther and the rest of us.  I must say, all the girls went crazy over Brady.  They all kept taking pictures.  Brady handled it well and was a great sport about it.  
We met three of her teachers.  They were all very kind and excited for Esther. 
All in all... Today was a great day.  Greg and I thought visiting both places would help with closure as this next chapter of her young life begins. 
Not the best photo... But... Notice Brady is in the center of all the girls. He was a great sport.
Entrance to the school.

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