Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For the past four days, we've been in Guangzhou.  Greg flew home and we flew here.  Guangzhou is where we finalize things and get approval to bring Esther and Josie home to America.  The US Consulate is located here. I love being here and getting to know other American families who are adopting.  

Saturday, our first full day here, was spent getting medical check ups for both girls.  We found out today both TB tests were normal. Praise The Lord!  We are fairly certain Esther is going to need glasses.  She didn't do so well on the eye exam.  

Sunday, we went with our Lifeline group to the Chen Family Temple.  Brady and I had been here on our last trip. The girls enjoyed it and Esther really loved all the beautiful artwork.  I finally bought a picture of the Great Wall.  :). 
Immediately, after we got back to hotel, my friend Traci and I decided we would grab taxis and go to Shamien Island.  I have great memories here from our last adoptions.  We shopped, visited with my dear Chinese friend Judy and ate at Lucy's. I must say it's not as much fun without Greg here to bargain and frustrate the Chinese store owners.  They all say "we make no money from you" when he's here.  But, It was nice to have a little taste of home after being here for two weeks.  My new friend Traci and her little guy hung out with us. So thankful for her. We've had a blast hanging together making memories of our adoption journeys.

Esther with Tanner (Traci's son).

On Monday, we all enjoyed the Guangzhou zoo....
The weather was perfect!

This morning.... We went to the Consulate for the final step. Yay!  All we need now are the girls' visas tomorrow and we can leave.  I love China but I'm eager to be home with the rest of my family.  
Tonight.... We went on a river cruise. The food was horrible but the fellowship was awesome!!  The girls loved it and had a fabulous time.  

Please continue to pray for us as we travel home. We leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong early Thursday morning. We only have a 1 hour layover... Not much time to catch our flight.  Pray for NO DELAYS.  I so want to make that flight. We fly from Hong Kong to Chicago... 15 hours. We arrive in Huntsville at 9:40 pm.  So ready!!!  God is great and HE has blessed us with two new daughters. For that, I praise Him. He receives all the glory.  Great is His faithfulness. 

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