Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beautiful Esther

Yesterday, March 17, was an early morning.  Greg and I both were anxious yet ready to meet Xiang Nan... our Esther.  Several of you know Esther's story and how we came to the place of adopting her.  This dear precious girl has lost so much at such a young age.  We knew this gotcha day might not be so easy.  When she arrived, she was sad because she had just told her Ayi (nanny) goodbye and her friends from the orphanage.... Not to mention her classmates at school from Friday. 
After a little time, she began to smile and interact with us.  Having Josie ,miss personality, made all the difference.  They had an instant bond.  As the day went on, Esther began relaxing and smiling more and more.  She loved painting her dad's fingernails (he's such a great dad).  Esther is a talented artist and I brought lots of art supplies; she kept saying "wow".  Sweet girl.  
Today was a wonderful day. She loved going shopping.  I needed to buy her some clothes... Many of the things I brought did not fit.  She was very gracious and joyful about the new clothes.  We spent a lot of time in the room today just getting to know her.  What a gem!  I'm humbled by the Lord's blessing of Esther Lynn Xiang Franks.  She's beautiful inside and out.  Greg and I just praise God for what He is teaching us on this journey of adoption.  
Tomorrow, we visit Esther's orphanage and school. Please pray for our Esther Lynn.

Esther showing me her artwork. We have another talented artist in our family!!
Josie and Esther with Lilly from Lifeline. 
Ice cream makes everything better!!  Great way to end our day
It's official!!
Orphanage director giving us a special gift.
Street food!!  They were thrilled...

Eating at a local German restaurant. Yum!

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