Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fare Well to Shanghai

Shanghai is very westernized and a lot like NewYork city. 
Feels almost like you are in America and very expensive.
We didn't stand out that much and there were foreigners every where.

Josie was getting very upset with everyone asking her if she was adopted. Our guide tried to explain but to no avail.  
Finally she decided on her own that she would just tell people we are her biological parents. Honesty is huge for me... BUT... Right now with the language barrier and Josie's sensitive emotions,... It's hard to explain it all to her. She gets very sad because she knows they then know she was once an orphan. Oh my dear Josie... You are no longer an orphan. You are our precious child.  Pray for us as we continue to deal with questions and stares.  I always want to teach my children honesty.  Josie is no exception; however, I'm giving a little grace as we finish this journey in China. In America, people ask the same questions. I know the questions are innocent and asked out of curiosity, but I do wish they would consider what they are asking in front of our children.  Their hearts are so tender.

Josie is such a sweet smart girl!
She is really bonding to all of us.
She allows me to dress her and fix her hair.
She sleeps with us each night and has to be touching us both!
When we were ready to leave Shanghai, she asked to call her foster mom.
I could tell she was sad but would not cry {said her foster mom would be upset}.
I'm sure the grief will kick in once we are home and I will be ready to help her work through every bit of it!!!

Here are a few more photos for you~

 Josie and our sweet guide Maggie~
Please be in prayer for us as we wait to meet Esther very soon!

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