Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Month Ago

September 7th, one month ago, we brought the sweetest, funniest, most energetic little boy home from China. Greyson Coy Shunli is such a blessing. His smile lights up the room. As I look back one year ago, I can remember wondering what precious child the Lord had across the world waiting for us. Now I know and oh how thankful I am for His call upon our lives to adopt.
Grey (as we are calling him) is adjusting well. He loves matchbox cars, trains and his bicycle. I think the training wheels will be off by spring. He is so smart! His English has more than doubled since we first met him. I KNOW I would not be speaking Mandarin that well within six weeks. Bonding has come very quickly. I sometimes find myself thinking this has been too easy. It truly is as if he has always been in our family. I must admit, having two toddlers is taking some time to adjust to. They are both full of energy. Oh well... It's just keeping us young... Right? Ruthey loves her new brother and Grey adores her. They are inseparable. Grey calls Brady "ultaman". Ultaman is a Chinese super hero. He loves going to visit Kailey at college and is always sad to say goodbye. Grey began praying about a week about a tender God moment...he prays the most precious prayers. We understand only half of what he says but it brings me to tears. I pray both, Ruthey and Grey come to know Jesus at a very young age. I thank my Lord for the opportunity to call these two my own.

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  1. LOVE the photos and update~ Loved talking to you today!!! Love you!!!