Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Running in the Rain

After our Consulate appointment, we decided to go to the island one more time. We met such sweet people there last time and have enjoyed visiting them again. It's funny, several remember us.... Well... maybe they don't remember me, BUT...I assure you, they haven't forgotten Greg. He has the best time "dealing" with them. One says she makes "no money" from him.
Leaving the Island, we headed to a family temple. It was really neat and absolutely beautiful. The Chinese people are amazing, hard working, and talented artisans. I always love taking in the sights here and thoroughly enjoy seeing new things. Guangzhou is so clean, which is unlike other parts of China.
The Franks family ALWAYS has a story to tell from their travels. Kailey, you can attest to this. When we finished seeing the temple, Greg thought it would be a great idea to walk back. Well.... Why not? A lady showed us on our map which way to go. So, we headed out. Our hotel is across the street from a park and we kept walking toward "the park". After an hour of walking, we realized it was the wrong park. Finally, we gave up and took a taxi. After being determined to save money and walk. The taxi ride was about 15 minutes. We weren't as close as we thought. I must say it was fun and great exercise that Greg, Brady and I definitely needed. The sunshine did us all some good; however, we all needed showers. :)
With it being our last night in China, we decided to venture back out for local Chinese food where it's always a gamble. Pictures on the menu don't always work...sometimes the food looks totally different. I'm usually safe with chicken. Long story short... We actually had the best meal we've had in China. Walking out of the restaurant, we were greeted by a monsoon of rain. Our hotel was several blocks away and you guessed it...no umbrella. All the Chinese around us had umbrellas or were standing under the rooftops waiting for the rain to subside. Not us!!! We ran right in the middle of the downpour pushing the two strollers. Grey and Ruthey laughed out loud as I screamed. It was so much fun! Onlookers glared at us and I'm sure they were saying things like "crazy Americans" or "they are cruel parents and those children will be sick". What's great is that more Americans came up behind us running too. I guess the Chinese were all waiting for the rain to stop. Oh well. I haven't ran in the rain like that in years. What laughter it brought to all of us. Needless to say, we were all soaked. Thank you Lord for a great ending to the day! It's a day to remember for sure.

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  1. I love it! What awesome memories you made!! What a blessed life for your family ahead! :)