Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday we arrived in Guangzhou at 2 am. We slept a few hours and then our guide Grace, Greyson and I went to the clinic for his medical check up. There were many Americans there with their newly adopted children as well. The medical is a standard procedure here in Guangzhou. All was well with Greyson. Thanks to Shepherd's Field and their great care, Greyson did not require any more shots. A tb test was all we had to do. Grey whimpered for a second and then was fine. He's a very brave boy. :). Tomorrow, we will return to the clinic to have the tb test read. It looks fine to me, so I feel it will be normal. Pray it is.
We went to our favorite shop yesterday that is owned by my friend Judy. I met Judy last time we were here. She's Chinese, a believer AND absolutely precious. Christ truly shines through her. For dinner, we went to Lucy's. It is a favorite restaurant among adoption families. Brady loves their iced sweet tea.... Something you don't typically get in China.
We have met several adoption families. It warms my heart to see all these families coming for these treasured children who are now no longer orphaned. Tonight we are having dinner with a couple we met who live in Tampa but are from Anniston, Alabama (we've been stationed there before). To the Ulrichs: It's not the same without you guys here to hang out with. Kailey told me about your referral... Praise God!
As always...we appreciate your prayers.
Blessings to you all!!!


  1. So thankful you all are there and medical went well!!! Love that you are with other families~ makes it so fun!!! Thinking of you all often!!! XOXO

  2. So happy and praising God with you!!!! :) Just got caught up on your blog and all the pictures... tears and joy!!!!! :) love to you all and can't wait to meet Greyson!!!!

  3. LOVE reading about your journey! Praying along with you...
    Rachel McLamb