Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's been a year

September makes one year that we brought Grey home.  This little guy has changed so much and has meshed into our family so well.  So... I thought I would share a few milestones and memories from the year.  I know... I know... it's been a year since my last blog.  ENJOY!!
*Grey went from total Mandarin to fluent English in a matter of four months... amazing!  AND.... I must say, his big brother who has been studying Mandarin for 1 1/2 years is extremely jealous how he did that.  Of course, English is probably much easier to learn than Mandarin... BUT STILL.  
*When we arrived at Shepherd's Field (Grey's foster home in China), we were told Grey was terriifed of dogs.  When we came home, he literally would scream uncontrollably when either of our dogs came in the room.  It was awful... BUT... now, this little guy snuggles up with our 3 canines everyday. 
*Once home, I began to notice he would put as many toys in his backpack that could possibly fit.  The poor guy would try to carry that backpack all around... it was so so heavy.  He was so fearful that someone would take those toys.  He didn't want them out of his sight.  Now, he has a box under his bed that all his special toys goes in.  I must say, it is overflowing because all of his cars, superheroes, and anything special goes in that box.  When we can't find something, we know to look in there.  He has come so far.  Atleast he's not carrying around a 15 pound backpack everywhere he goes.  sweet boy.  
*This summer Grey was able to reconnect with is foster brother, Will Perry, that he had been with since a baby in China.  We had the best time visiting with Will's family. As a matter of fact, his sweet mother Sharon has become a dear dear friend to me.  
*Grey LOVES football!
*Grey plays soccer... because mommy can't imagine her tiny little guy playing football.
*Grey is a fish!  He loves to swim.  Jumping off the diving board is his favorite.  His cannonballs are pretty awesome and the splash definitely beats his big brother's (did I mention his big brother is 17).
*Grey is Captain America today and Superman tomorrow.  He looks up to his big brother Brady and calls him Thor.  Dad is Hulk.  
*My boy Grey lights up the room with his smile!!
*Best of all... he prays the most precious prayers thanking Jesus for his food and his toys, and his shoes, and his house, and Kailey, and Ruthey, and Brady, and Papa Chuck, and Nana, and Grandma, and Daddy and Mommy...etc. etc.  His heart is grateful and I have much to learn from my little Greyson Coy ShunLi Franks.  
Just humbled to be his mama.
                                     Grey and Ruthey... they are the sweetest friends/siblings
                                                               Ski trip in Boone, NC

                                                                    ready to play!!
                                                           sporting our adoption tees
                                                              Will Perry and Grey
                                                   Grey with his hero... big brother Brady
                                                       Sept. 7, 2013... one year American!!
                                                                he loves the water!!!

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