Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here we go again!

Here we go again…
We are waiting with great anticipation for that next phone call from Emily, our Lifeline social worker, telling us we have Travel Approval. Once Travel Approval is given, we will book flights and leave within a couple of weeks (maybe less). We are beside ourselves with excitement.  
Their room is almost finished.  If you know me, I'm never finished decorating… so I'm pretty sure I will be painting something else or sewing until we leave.  
Please pray for their hearts.  Pray for our family as we add two more.  We know this is what the Lord has called us to and we know we must obey. 

Esther Lynn Xiangnan Franks (13)

Josephine Wei Franks (9)

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  1. SO SO thankful for your precious family as you bring home two beautiful girls!!! Praying!!! XOXO