Friday, August 24, 2012

Shepherds Field

Currently, we are at Shepherds Field Children's Village. What a wonderful place! We are so grateful for all the care these precious people have given to our son. He has received lots of love here and we praise God for that. We are unable to view the blog or Facebook . Both are blocked... I hear from Kailey and friends that there are some great pictures of us meeting Greyson.
I (Kim) taught Greyson's English class yesterday. Ruthey so loved being part of the class... She had ALL the answers:). Brady acquired a new friend in Tess (a sweet little girl). She wouldn't leave his side. Greyson loves all his clothes and especially his new monkey backpack and shoes. He had to show everyone in the restaurant last night his shoes and had the taxi cab driver laughing hysterically. I have no idea what he was saying but obviously it was funny. He is a spirited little guy.
Ruthey and Greyson were instant friends....melts my heart!!!
Please pray for us as we bond with Greyson. Pray for his precious heart as we leave Shepherds Field for his province tomorrow. Also...please pray for his nannies that have cared for him basically his whole four years of life. I'm sure that will be hard to see him leave. Pray for his foster brothers and sisters as well. I know all will miss him.
Shepherds Field Children's Village is truly filled with the presence of God. The founders (Tim and Pam Baker) and all the staff here are exhibiting the hands and feet of Christ to these precious orphans. I encourage you all to check out this great foundation (
Praise be to God!!! We are humbled He called us to this place in our lives. What a gift we've received through this sweet boy. Adoption is once again changing us. May we never be the same.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys and Grayson! We were at shepherds field a months ago on our way to pick up my brother Joshua!
    from Rescue the Orphaned

  2. LOVE THEM ALL!!! Savor this precious time! Praying as you move on to his province!

  3. So happy for you all! We have a son from SFCV whom we brought home 4 years ago and were there this past June with a team to serve. We got to spend time with your new little son, and he is an amazing little guy!

    God bless you all in this adoption journey!

    janet and kevin
    ted 26
    sophia 8
    philip 7
    elijah 4

  4. Bless you sweet friend! It truly is Jesus in China!!! Love all the pics of everyone. Grey looks like he is doing amazing!!! Bless you as you travel to Xian!!! Xoxo

  5. OH my he is just precious. I am loving all the pictures you are able to post. I pray that Greyson's transition goes smoothly and that as you leave to head to his province that God grants a peace over him.

    I have to say he looks bigger than I thought he was. Are any of the clothes that I gave you from Noah fitting him?

    Hope that we are able to Skype sometime while you are there. How was the weather in Beijing? I am packing for my trip and have all warm weather clothing packed so far.