Monday, August 27, 2012

Civil Affairs

Yesterday was our official "gotcha day". We did paperwork all day long. The two littles did really well considering. So... according to the Chinese government Greyson Coy Shun Li Franks is our son!!! Praise God for this precious gift. We are in his province of Xinjiang. After we get his passport on Friday, we fly to Guangzhou where the US consulate is. I can't say alot other than it seems very dark here. No other Americans in sight. With our adoption with Ruthey, there were other American families adopting as well in the hotel. Not here. An adventure to say the least. We are enjoying seeing a very unique Chinese culture. Several different kinds of people here with Russia and Kazakhstan being so close.
We could use lots of prayers. Brady is sick this morning. Please pray specifically for him today.
Today, we are going to the bazaar to shop (IF Brady is up to it).


  1. So sorry Brady is sick! Rosie was sick for about 3 days while we were in China. Prayers!!! Thankful your baby son is now a Franks!!! Xo

  2. Prayers for Brady and for your whole family as you begin the bonding process to this precious little boy God has placed in your hearts and in your arms!!!