Friday, August 3, 2012

Kailey meets Greyson

Many of you know we have prayed that Kailey would be able to go with us to China.  Well... the timing just was not going to happen the way it needed to for Kailey to go.  She has to be at Covenant College to move in to her dorm on August 17th.  We were saddened at the thought of her not being part of this adoption journey to get our precious Greyson.  BUT... God is good.  He had another way and personally, I think it was even better for Kailey.  She was given the opportunity to go to Shepherd's Field and serve for two weeks as an intern!  Of course, mom was super nervous about her traveling to China without us but Kailey assured us she would be just fine and being the Army brat that she is, we knew she could do it.  Life in the military prepares you for things like this and she has such an adventurous spirit.  Anyway... she flew out Sunday, the 29th and arrived in Beijing on Monday afternoon around 2:00 pm.  Shepherd's Field picked her up at the airport and took her to the village.  She called us super excited to tell us she would be teaching preschool art.  AND... you guessed it, guess who would be in her class?  Her little brother.  GOD BLOWS ME AWAY!  Later that same day she was able to meet him!  Her heart just melted and in an instant another little Chinese orphan caused that quishy heart of hers to grow even bigger.  She was in love.  He too, loves his new Jei Jei (big sister in Chinese). 
The next morning (China time) and evening our time, she calls and tells us that Sara (from Shepherd's Field) would be telling Grey(aka Greyson) about his new family in about an hour.  I began to pray for his heart.  He has been at SF since he was two months old.  How scary for him it must be to think of leaving all that he knows. 
An hour later around 10 pm, after everyone had gone to bed, I was in the kitchen and "just happened" to see my phone light up.  The screen read "Kailey Franks wants to facetime".  So... I answered.  Kailey tells me they are getting ready to tell him and we could watch through facetime (similar to skype).  I yelled for Greg to get up, ran upstairs to get Brady; however, I wasn't willing to wake up Ruthey.  He could just see his Mei Mei asleep.  :)  THEN... there was his sweet face.  Tears began to flow from mine and Greg's eyes (yes, a soldier does cry at times).  Brady gets on and says ni-hao to Grey.  I show Grey Ruthey's sweet face sleeping soundly.  We begin to tell him we love him as Sara translates.  Not too many other words came.  It was a treasured moment to see this precious child's face and know that before the foundation of world, he was created to be our child. Thank you Jesus for this calling of adoption upon our lives. 

                                 Kailey and Grey's first picture together... look at those smiles!!
                                                                     Grey meeting mommy
                                                                  He's a little unsure here
                                                        Our first "picture" with Grey
                          I sent a family photo album for him... I hear he keeps it under his pillow


  1. love love love to hear God writing your story!! He's amazing!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Started crying at the beginning and just can't stop. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!!!

  3. Sobbing! Just sobbing!!! Love it!!!

  4. The awesome power of God never ceases to amaze! God is so good!