Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Things" just don't matter

Things.... they can be such a distraction.  You see... we have this late 1800's piano that is absolutely beautiful.  The Lord has been laying it on my heart to sell.  Sadly, it's been hard for me to do so.  Well... I finally posted it on Craigslist and you guessed it... It sold fast!  Even had twice the offer that I had posted it for.  God is amazing!  He always provides just on time.  I've tried to sell the piano before with no luck at all.  This time it sold fast.  Why?  I believe it's because we are in the last stages of our adoption and the Lord is providing.  That precious child means more than this "absolutely beautiful" piano.  Things really just don't matter... The life of a precious orphan does. 

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  1. So true, Kim, we are selling our house! We believe the Lord brought us here and it was a good investment and this is the exact reason for it, to bring Heath home! Have you read radical by David Platt?