Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kailey to China

Currently, Kailey is on her way to China.  She will be staying at Shepherd's Field for two weeks.  Yes.... Shepherd's Field is where our sweet boy Greyson lives.  Kailey was given the opportunity to go and serve with the team there in China.  What a wonderful opportunity; however, this mom is anxious for her to land.  Before leaving Chicago, Kailey called and said she met a sweet Christian couple who teach English in Beijing.  How awesome that God connected Kailey to them.  What's even more amazing is when Kailey boarded, she realized these two were seated right next to her.  Go God!!  Not sure why I'm always surprised at how God is in even the little things.  He cares for every single detail.  What peace it gives Greg and I to know this couple is there with her and is experienced in traveling within China. 
Once there... Shepherd's Field will pick Kailey up and after her short drive to the Children's Village (foster home of our little guy), she will soon meet her little brother!  I'm so happy God has given her this opportunity.  Kailey so loves children and has (for many years) said she wants to be a missionary in China.  Well... this is a glimpse into what that might look like.  I just can't wait to hear from her.  Please keep her in your prayers. 


  1. Praying!!! Can't wait to see some pictures! What an amazing opportunity for Kailey both to meet Greyson and to serve. God is good indeed!!!

  2. Praying here too!!! She will have such an amazing couple of weeks!!! Can't wait to hear all about her trip and what she thinks about Grey!!! Xoxoxo
    Ps I will work on your blog tomorrow.

  3. That is so awesome!! Can't wait to hear her stories!