Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greyson Coy ShunLi Franks

It's a boy!  God is so good and faithful.  Our son, Greyson Coy Shunli Franks, is almost four years old.  We are just beside ourselves and can't wait to bring him home.  We anticipate traveling sometime in August. 

                     Greyson just a couple of months ago.

Greyson at two... this boy loves sweets!  
Notice picture above and below.  Cookies and cupcakes!
                       February 2012... Valentine's Party....
Below:  Greyson with his foster brother Will Perry... Will Perry was adopted by a family in Atlanta!  God has connected these two boys' moms in a mighty way (story to come).  These two precious boys will meet again very soon.  AMAZING!


  1. Precious baby!!! Can't wait to get them together!!!

  2. Yay! So proud of you for setting up a travel blog girl!!! You know I will be obsessing over it once you travel;) Praying for your precious family!

  3. Even though we don't talk often, God lays you on my heart all the time! We miss and love you all and have been following your newest journey with tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces! Know that you are thought of and lifted up in prayer ALL THE TIME!!! :) Hugs Sweet Friend!!! :)