Thursday, February 18, 2016

Havah's orphanage visit~

We started our day at 9:00 am. The drive to the orphanage took two hours, but the drive was absolutely beautiful. Havah is from a more "rural" (still over a million people) area... Fuling City.  The scenery was hilly and green and was such a refresher since we are staying in the middle of Chongqing City's time square (very westernized).  
During the visit, Havah wanted me close by her at all times. Many times wanting me to hold her just to make sure I was still there. I expected this. What I didn't expect was my sweet girl Ruthey's reaction. She had a very hard time. She cried and cried and kept wanting to leave. My heart broke for her and Esther was such a great big sister and helped to comfort Ruthey. I finally was able to just hold Ruthey and talk it through with her and asked her to be a big helper and take pictures for me. So... the pictures I'm adding here are mostly pictures my sweet Ruthey took. 
So thankful we had the chance to visit the orphanage. I think it helps with closure and is very important for my children. Havah received the best care that they could give there. She did seem to dominate most of the children in her room. Which, after being with her for several days now, I'm not surprised. Our girl has spunk!!  Just wait till you meet her... you'll quickly see. Her spunk probably shines through in most of the pictures I post. In China, they call her a "spicy girl". 
All in all it was a good visit... but, it's so hard looking in those rooms and down the hallways seeing those still left behind. Each and everyone of them are precious to our Heavenly Father. We are all called to care for them in some way... James 1:27. What's your role? 


  1. Moved to tears. That's all I can say. That, and I'm so very honored to be your friend and see you and Greg follow the Lord's calling!

  2. So precious Kim. I am also deeply touched by this. What a wonderful opportunity. Praying for you, and sweet Ruthie. Looking forward to meeting spicy Havah!!!